The true ENTREPRENEUR is a risk taker, not an excuse maker


We have started small, but we are no smaller now; not in any sense.

We have grown to become a reliable name in web designing and development industry with 100s of satisfied clients from across the globe.

Most importantly, all our clients have grown in stature with us. That has been the story of Diggity Solution Private Limited. Established in 2006, as a single room office, now we have in-house designing, development and marketing team.

We have some very experienced professionals in our team, who have achieved unparalleled success in their career.

The Journey

This glorious journey started from a rented house, where a 2-member team (one designer and one developer) blended some perfect duet on a handful of projects.

Soon the word spread and we started getting more projects and in due course kept expanding our team.

Now, we have a full-fledged in-house designing, development, marketing, and administrative team.

The Achievement

We have served more than 500 clients to this minute. Our most remarkable achievement is all our clients are satisfied with our services. Many even trusted us with their subsequent projects.

We have been able to deliver smiles and that is what matters the most to us.

The Ambition

We aspire to reach the pinnacle with a larger international and domestic clientele. We are going through the phase of expansion now, so will look up to adding more resources to our teams.

We believe in the mantra of “Customer First” and aim to live up to our clients’ expectations.

We will be intrigued to know, how we may help you. Contact us today for a quote.

We have a team of apps developers who specialize in Android & iOS development. We have rolled out some outstandingly smart Android and iOS apps for our clients.